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Summer 1948

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Master of Science (MS)




Dr. Robert T. McGrath


Current emphasis in spelling and reading appears to be on the unitary nature of the child's development especially in relation to the language arts. While the writer is interested in the analysis of reading abilities and spelling ability in order to determine the fundamental language abilities common to both skills, the specific problem of this investigation is to, "discover the consistency of the relationship of spelling and reading abilities of pupils from the fifth grade through the ninth grade inclusive". This relationship refers to the linear correlation relationship derived from the use of standardized tests. The particular phases of the general problem to which special attention is directed are: (1) Is the development in reading ability and spelling ability parallel throughout these various grade levels? ( 2) How does this relationship on one level compare with the relationship on the next higher level? (3) Does the relationship change with children of different mental ages? (4) Is this relationship a constant or a variable as between different school systems?


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