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Master of Science (MS)


The development of the museum wild life habitat group in recent years has created much public interest here in the College museum many people have expressed a desire to see such a habitat group related strictly to Kansas , particularly Western Kansas . The year of such a group was not particularly expressed, but as preliminary visions developed, it seemed only reasonable that the public would enjoy a glimpse of Kansas in the days when it was making early history . Thus it was decided to design and execute a life-sized habitat depicting the ecological relationship s found between the plant and animal life on the Saline River in Western Kansas “in the days of the bison." It is the general purpose of this thesis to outline and explain a few of the most important steps concerned in the actual planning and construction of the Saline River Habitat Group.


Dr. F.W. Albertson

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Spring 1948

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© 1948 William Raymond Eastman


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