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Spring 1947

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Master of Science (MS)




Dr. Robert T. McGrath


To any interested reader or teacher, the purpose of this study was to discover significant differences, if any, in achievement of student s in the three classes of high schools. This brings the reader directly to the general problem of the thesis which may be stated as follows, "The Comparative Achievement of Entering College Freshmen Based on Standardized Tests and Semester Grade Point. More specifically , the problem was to discover: (1) significant differences , if any, in achievement of college freshmen from class “A” , "B" and “C” high schools in Kansas, by the use of standardized tests in English, mathematics, physical science, biological science, and social science, (2) significant differences, if any, in semester grade point, (3) the effect of military service on achievement, (4) correlation of mental test scores with scores made in the entrance tests, and with first semester average grade point.


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