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Master of Science (MS)


Biology is the science of life and therefore deserves every consideration in the high school curriculum. The world today is making an extensive and intelligent use of biology in solving problems of personal and social significance. Scientists have discovered that certain phases of the subject are more important to man's welfare than others. For this reason it is essential that biology be presented to our high school students not as isolated facts, but in relation to the problem of living. Through this science of living things, the student can gain a healthy respect for facts and for conclusions based on facts. Biology study can be a meaningful and fascinating experience and a permanent value to the student. In view of the fact that the textbook is the usual method of teaching in our American schools, is in many instances, the teacher, and since the knowledge of most pupils is limited to what the textbook contains, it is essential that the best available textbooks be selected. It is this realization that in actual teaching, the textbook largely determines both the content and the method of instruction that the writer found the roots for the comparative study of certain textbooks in biology at the secondary level.


Dr. Robert T. McGrath

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Summer 1947

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