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Education is big business . This statement does not refer to the vast importance of education in a democracy, but rather to the financial operation of education . In order to operate our many institutions of higher learning, millions of dollars are spent . Education as well as industry was affected by the economic depression of our country and of the world during the early thirties . Income of the higher institutions of learning was decreasing and enrollment was on the decline , yet the amount of income and expenditure during this period was tremendous . The denominational college, or church controlled and supported college, plays an important role in this vast undertaking of higher education. Mr. Gould Wickey, Secretary-treasurer of the National Commission on Christian Higher Education or the Association of American Colleges, informs the writer that there are seven hundred seventy-nine denominational colleges in the United States. In fact the Kansas Educational Directory of 1945-46 lists a total of twenty- one institutions of higher learning within the state . Of this list of twenty- one , fourteen , or sixty-seven per cent, are church related colleges . In this study it is the desire of the writer to determine the age, sex, training, experience, duties, and responsibilities of the business manager of the small denominational college. By small denominational college is meant a church related school with an enrollment of less than two thousand students. The reason for making a study only of the small school is that it is difficult to compare the financial operation of the small and large school. Enrollment will be the only factor considered. No distinction will be made as to junior college or the four year college, or a combination of academy and college. If a college and academy are operated as a single unit, the total enrollment will determine whether the school will be included in this study.


Dr. Leonard W. Thompson

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Summer 1947

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