Master's Theses

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Summer 1946

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Master of Science (MS)




Dr. Robert T. McGrath


The problem of this thesis was to determine by means of a test the retention of the fundamentals of percentage as shown by be ginning eighth grade pupils, who were taught percentage the previous year in the seventh grade. The fundamentals of percentage are here considered as the changing of percents to decimal fractions or common fractions, the reverse procedures, and the three types of problems arising from the relation, base times rate equals part. These quantities, base, rate, and part, are represented in the example, 300 X 12% = 36, respectively. Because of the inherent relationship of decimal fractions and percent, many of their common uses are overlapping. Percentage has been taught as something distinct and separate from the decimal fraction. »The introduction of percentage was due to the need of a common denominator in comparing numbers, especially, in the form of fractions or ratios."


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