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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


A pool of water stands before you. It is nebulous and free flowing. As you peer in, you realize how vast and deep something initially so unassuming on the surface has become.

This is my small sea.

Within this sea that rests between my ears, I am a small ‘c’ creator. This body of water is filled with experiences, inspiration, and vision. In this place, I synthesize the world around me into my work, creating microcosms that are full of life, color, and story. The idea of microcosms is the cornerstone of my design.

Within each of my created worlds, I hope to elicit positive feelings and uplift through the use of vibrant colors and engaging, unique characters. In a real world that at times can be so bleak, I hope to remind people to see the good in the small things around them–to observe the world more joyfully.

Just as water is dynamic and ever moving, many of my ideas present themselves through kinetic content. Animation is a powerful medium for telling compelling stories. Through the combination of moving images and sound, it is so easy to fully immerse yourself in what you’re watching; into the world that I have created.

So please, dive with me into this small sea–my small sea.


Karrie Simpson Voth

Date of Award

Spring 2023

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