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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


My Goal is to bring awareness to the plight of wild creatures who have lost their habitats due to pollution and urban sprawl. I will be making porcelain vessels that influence people to think about their role on the environment. Both terrestrial and aquatic life has been impacted by humans through poaching, non-traditional medical practices, and human activity in the ocean. By making impressionable clay urns, I hope to bring light to these issues that affect animals. Through research I have been enthused by the steep historical forms from Greece, China, and Europe. Their exceptional skill and knowledge of the potter's wheel has significantly inspired my work. The impact of the atmospheric firings creates unique effects that captivate the viewer. The pieces are affected by the influence of Soda-ash, which is introduced into the kiln at peek temperatures, These colors and textures produced from the soda kiln give each pieces unique and beautiful qualities. My hope is that people feel more connected tot he natural world after seeing my vessels and want to help better our planet.


Linda Ganstrom

Date of Award

Summer 2022

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