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Master of Science (MS)


In recent decades, there has been an increase not only in full syndrome eating disorders, but also in subclinical presentations of disordered eating, many of which include dysfunctional relationships with exercise. Although not full diagnosable syndromes, disordered relationships with food and exercise, as well as a preoccupation with body image, can cause severe physical and psychological stress for individuals who present with these dysfunctional patterns. With the growth of fitness-related social media accounts, the increase in social media usage during the pandemic, and the increase in subclinical disordered eating presentations and dysfunctional relationships with exercise, it is important be aware of the damage that subclinical forms of disorders can have. The present research serves as a way to examine the subclinical forms of disordered eating and dysfunctional exercise and propose how, through mindfulness, the two can be prevented from developing into full syndrome clinical eating disorders, which often lead to in-patient treatment, hospitalization, or in many cases, death.


Dr. Janett Naylor-Tincknell

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Spring 2022

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