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Master of Science (MS)


The East Coast of the United States could be susceptible to tsunamis or even mega tsunamis. With this in mind it becomes essential to answer the question: Where is vulnerability to a tsunami greatest along the East Coast of the United States? To answer this question the following parameters have been set. First, the study will include county level subdivisions along the USEC that have coasts along the Atlantic Ocean. The possible source regions of a tsunami or mega tsunami are also noted. This analysis includes both social and physical factors with nine and five of them considered respectively. Three separate methods were created with these datasets to see the variance of the analysis based on changes in methods. The results show how impactful cities are in determining vulnerability due to the concentration of different peoples. There is much that can be gleaned by taking a deeper look into these analyses, especially when comparing which methodologies are most effective and for what situations they are useful for. This study highlights the need for additional research into the topic and more importantly increased awareness of policy makers towards preparing for these disasters.


Thomas Schafer

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Spring 2022

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