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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


The integral bond that unites the American citizen with the selfless men and women of the Armed Forces will be strengthened through my juxtaposition of uncommonly complementary crafts. “Combat Artist”, featuring high-quality ceramic mugs, unique packaging, pristine painted panels, and kindred graphics will bridge a gap that enhances relationships between these two worlds through a shared love of country and shared culture. The resultant works create fantastic windows into my military life communicating messages full of humor, patriotism, and love. I aspire to masterfully unite ceramic techniques with proven principles of design distributed across all mediums within my work, culminating in newfound military appreciation. I am driven to excellence by the connections people make with functional products from the receipt of the item, to unpackaging, to deepened affections as that object is imprinted with memories throughout its use. Dings, scratches, and stains are all welcome as they are signs of continued use thus elevating the art to its fullest potential. The mug is one of the most functionally intimate objects an artist can create, and clay is the perfect medium to shape that relationship in infinite ways. The feel of a ceramic mug in your hand and the comfort gained from the beverage it delivers, speaks to the strong subliminal bonds that develop when form and function are perfected. The shape of the mug along with the purposeful use of glazes enhance the experiences both tacitly and visually, and my goal is to maximize both with each mug. I have a deep appreciation for graphic design and its ability to convey a message and connect many genres of people. The strategic use of graphics implemented throughout each series express comical yet universally relatable ideas and hopefully a lighter side of the perceived rigid soldier. Superior quality craft, cleverly conceived graphics, and universal humor are essential to my art and serve as core attributes for the culmination of my unifying goal. My show “Combat Artist” is the manifestation of two worlds colliding in a whimsical crash of artistic expression!


Linda Ganstrom

Date of Award

Summer 2021

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