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Summer 2021

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Master of Arts (MA)




Dr. Kim Perez


Throughout history there have been many significant events the people find worth remembering. Some of these events are significant enough that people build structures to honor, commemorate, or memorialize them. However, there are some events that are also significant, yet they seem to warrant little or no memorialization. In the United States' historical narrative, it seems that the Influenza Pandemic of 1918 is forgotten among the chaotic period of World War I and the interwar years. The lack of traditional memorials dedicated to the 1918 Pandemic can be attributed to the lack of acknowledgement of the pandemic in terms of the public in both the United States and other countries all over the world and the breakdown of societal norms in the eyes if survivors. Death became a routine part of life and there was little time to memorialize the dead. The casualties of WWI also overshadowed the deaths from the influenza.


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