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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Gratitude is a concept that has impacted my life in an enormous way. Along with being a key element in this exhibition, it blends in well with me as a person and my personal life. I am extremely blessed to have the heritage that I do from both sides of my family. Gerdy’s Community Market was built on that same family concept. The gratitude celebrated after a harvest with family and community is the foundation that Gerdy’s was built on. I wanted each of the pieces I designed to support that same foundation and highlight the culture surrounding my family’s community. Products in Gerdy’s are from local families and family farms. Each product line is designed differently to show the importance of each family and their heritage story. There is no set color scheme, typeface, or design style that ties all the products together because all families are unique. I created hand type as a main design element for each product in the store. The packaging also highlights the family and where their product originated. Even though all the packaging is different, every product has the Mountain to the Plain symbol, branding it to Gerdy’s.


Karrie Simpson Voth

Date of Award

Summer 2021

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