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Master of Science (MS)


Robert Ramsay in his Short Stories of America has mapped out the United States in twenty- five literary groups . He has left without sectional designation a strip through the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas and has shaded it on his literary map of local color regions as "neutral". This, "a region unexplored or explored but unsuccessfully as yet, “is to be known in this study as the Plains States. The strip will be broadened out to reach the boundaries of these states, thus including small portions of the sections which Professor Ramsay designates as the Corn Belt and the Wheat Belt and a considerable strip of the Cattle Country. This study cannot hope even to touch on the minor provincial sections of the six states but attempts rather to stress the better known characteristics of the section as shown by the cattlemen, the sheepmen, the "bad men", the politicians, the grafters, and the promoters of the period.


Dr. Myrta E. McGinnis

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Summer 1940

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