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Master of Science (MS)


The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship of pre and post evening meal exercise in relation to postprandial blood glucose levels in type II diabetics. Fifteen participants diagnosed with type II diabetes volunteered to participate in this 21 day study. During the first seven days, participants were told to change nothing about their daily routine. Throughout the study they were asked to track all food consumption in the MyFitnessPal application and to record their blood glucose levels fasting, before their evening meal, and 120 minutes after their evening meal. At the end of day seven, each participant’s carbohydrate intake was classified into the following three diets according to the American Diabetes Association: moderately low-carbohydrate diet (30-40%), moderate carbohydrate diet (40-65%) or high carbohydrate diet (> 65%). The participants were then directed to eat within their carbohydrate allowance for the remainder of the 21 days. On day eight, participants were split into the three groups: the NA group made no alterations to their daily activities, the BEM group exercised before their evening meal, and the AEM group exercised 30 minutes after their evening meal. Participants completed the study with their given treatments. Data was collected and a one-way ANOVA was performed showing statistical significance. The Tukey-Kramer Post Hoc Test was performed to investigate. Statistical significance (alpha >.05) was found between the NA vs. BEM groups and the NA vs. AEM groups, but no significance was found between the BEM vs. AEM group.


Dr. John Zody

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Spring 2019

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