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Essence is in the artist's soul, where visions of flowers are transformed into reality through ceramics. The natural beauty of the Arabian jasmine flowers and their distinctive fragrance were very impactful for me at an early age.These flowers fill the air in and around each house. This is what has inspired my current work.These specific flowers were chosen for their harmonious colors, soft curves, and symmetrical formsthat resemble the shape of a woman's body.I create thrown vessels and sculpt forms, then individually attach delicate, handmade flowers to each of the forms. Typically, I work with high-fire porcelain paper clay and use black and white crawl glazes. I use this glaze because, contrary to the common symbolism of black as a negative color, I would like to show that we can create beauty within darkness. My work ranges from the famous jasmine flowers and the pandanusplant in my country to the famous sunflowers in Kansas. I often integrate these flowers into one piece to show the variety and beauty of these unique flowers. Some of my work comes from experiences in my personal life such as motherhood, and some of them mimic the lives of other people I have met in my life. The love of flowers transcends time and space, making them the essence of beauty in my art work.


Mrs. Linda Ganstrom

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Spring 2019

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