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Master of Science (MS)


Although several studies have examined personality characteristics that may help to differentiate perpetrators of child sexual abuse from other groups of people, no known study has attempted to identify personality characteristics in relation to the sexual motives of such perpetrators. In the present study, 22 perpetrators of child sexual abuses were administered the NEO Personality Inventory Revised (NEO PI-R; Costa & McCrae, 1992) and the Affective and Motivational Orientation Related to Erotic Arousal Questionnaire (AMORE; Hill & Preston, 1996) to assess personality traits and sexual motives, respectively. A significant positive relationship was found between the emotional intimacy motive and the openness to feelings facet, suggesting that perpetrators motivated by emotional intimacy in their relationships with children may be open to or award of their own emotional experiences. Other exploratory findings are reported.


Carol L. Patrick

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Spring 2009

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Thesis - campus only access


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