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The primary focus of the current study was to examine the current stale of school psychology in the state of Kansas, Demographic characteristics of school psychologists in the slate of Kansas on such variables as age, gender, salary, degree level, and ethnicity were explored. Also, Kansas school psychologists were compared to national samples and a study from the state of Arkansas on job roles, such as number of evaluations completed and primary professional activities (e.g. assessment, consultation, counseling). A survey obtained from Arkansas State University (Hall, Claxton, Jones, Clayton, Warnick, & Daniels, 2007) was used as a basis for the survey mailed for data collection. Several new items were added concerning the subject of response-to-intervention. An introductory letter, the survey and a self-addressed stamped envelope were mailed to 499 school psychologists in the state of Kansas. Surveys were re turned by 275 participants, for a response rate of 55.1%. Student-practitioner ratios varied between Kansas and Arkansas as well as education and credentials of the respondents. Working conditions were relatively similar. However, time spent in psycho-educational activities, such as psycho-educational assessment and direct intervention services, differed between the studies. School psychologists from both Kansas and Arkansas reflected similar interests in preferred roles as well as assessment and intervention resources.


Heath Marrs

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Summer 2008

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Thesis - campus only access


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