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Master of Science (MS)


The primary focus of previous research utilizing Snyder's theory of hope (Snyder, Harris et. al., 1991; Snyder et al., 1996) has been to identify differences between high and low hope individuals. Those high in hope have been found 10 be more successful in meeting the demands of treatment associated with spinal cord injury, severe bums, cardiac rehabilitation, and in the treatment of pain associated with fibromyalgia. What has not been empirically ascertained is whether substance dependent individuals high in hope are more likely to successfully complete inpatient substance dependence treatment. The current study examined the empirical value of hope as a predictor of successful treatment completion, as well as depression and anxiety as predictors of hope. Two self-report indices (the SHS and HS) and a reliable measure of depression and anxiety (the MMPI -2) were administered to participants (N= 177). Individuals who prematurely ceased treatment, either by choice or by violating facility policy obtained significantly higher mean scores in state pathways and total state hope than did those successfully completing treatment. Additionally, depression and anxiety were found to be negative predictors of all types or hope.


Carrie Nassif

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Spring 2008

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