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Master of Science (MS)


I tested four abiotic environmental factors (soil surface temperature, light, soil moisture, and soil particle size) on the habitat selection of antlion larvae (Myrmeleon immaculatus DeGeer: Myrmeleontidae). 101 larvae were maintained and tested under laboratory controlled conditions. Larvae made habitats in intermediate soil particle size, unshaded habitats, and in habitats of dry soil significantly more often than expected by chance. No preference was demonstrated for habitat selection concerning the soil surface temperature within the range of temperatures provided. The handling time of prey by the antlion larvae did not differ among treatments. However, time for prey to encounter a pit was, in some treatments, positively correlated with pit diameter. The results suggested that antlion larvae might select habitats that allow for efficient pit construction to improve the chance of capturing prey.


Rob Channell

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Spring 2008

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Thesis - campus only access


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