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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)


The Laerdal Virtual IV allows students to practice intravenous cannulation in multiple scenarios at multiple practice levels. Research regarding the validity of the device in comparison with other methods of learning is limited as is concurrent validity of the device compared with a live intravenous attempt. A sample of nursing students (N = 12) participated in a non-experimental, comparative investigation of intravenous cannulation attempts on a Virtual IV and on a live subject. Although the findings comparing scored attempts and actual successful cannulation between the Virtua IV and a live attempt were not statistically significant, there were other post hoc findings which provide direction for nursing education and simulation research. Subjects scored poorly on several psychomotor tasks on the live attempt. These tasks are completed with a click of a mouse on the Virtual IV; therefore, these tasks may need different practice modalities. Further nursing research is needed to determine whether simulators are a superior teaching tool or if they are at least as good other methods of instruction for IV placement.


Dr. Karyolyn Kells

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Fall 2007

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Thesis - campus only access


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