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This study examined the reliability and validity of the Metacognitive Awareness of Reading Strategies Inventory (MARSI) (Mokhtari and Reichard, 2002). Mokhtari and Reichard (2002) developed the MARSI to assess students' metacognitive awareness of reading strategies. To examine the reliability and validity of this measure in college students, students were asked to complete the MARSI and the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ) (Pintrich, Smith, Garcia, & McKeachie, 1991). Significant correlations were obtained between the MARSI and ACT scores, college GPA, and the MSLQ. The significant correlations between the MARSI and the MSLQ were interesting in that the MSLQ is a measure of overall metacognition, while the MARSI was designed to measure metacognitive awareness in regards to reading comprehension. An exploratory factor analysis was conducted to evaluate the factor structure of the MARSI. Although there was some overlap in the items that loaded on each factor, in the current study a higher number or items loaded on the first factor. These results may indicate that the factor structure of the MARSl may be different when used with a college student population.


Heath Marrs

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Summer 2007

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