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The nation's schools are currently in the midst of reassessing their instructional systems and the impact that they have on student achievement. Educational reform efforts are moving education from an isolated, highly autonomous academic model to a competitive system focused on quality outcomes for students via increased levels of accountability for schools (Wallace, Anderson, Bartholomay, & Hupp, 2002). In doing so, the current model of inclusion has become a key element in involving students with disabilities in the general education classroom. Researchers have put a great deal of effort in researching the most effective setting for these students and the outcomes such placements have on their academic achievement. However, few studies have focused on how the presence of these students affects the learning opportunities of regular education students. The current observational study will involve four kindergarten students without disabilities (2 male and 2 female) in a classroom in which a student with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) will be instructed. The purpose of this study will be to analyze the academic responding (AR), task management (TM), and inappropriate behavior, (IB) that are displayed by the target students during four conditions: (a) when the student with PDD is present in the classroom without the assistance of a para-professional: (b) when the student with PDD is assisted by the paraprofessional in the regular education classroom: (c) when the student with PDD and the paraprofessional are both absent from the classroom: and (d) when the student with PDD is not in the classroom while the paraprofessional is present. An alternating treatment design will be used in an attempt to isolate the impact of the independent variable.


Steven Duvall

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Summer 2007

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