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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)


The purpose of this investigation was to describe the hospitalized patient's evaluation of their pain management during their hospital stay. This investigation evaluated if there was a statistically significant relationship between the patient's self-reported satisfaction of pain management as it relates to quality of life, beliefs regarding pain, demographics, and education regarding pain management. The health Promotion Model by Nola J. Pender (2000) was chosen as the conceptual framework for this investigation because it provides guidelines for understanding the multidimensional nature of a person or patient interacting with the individual interpersonal and physical environments. It provides possible criteria regarding what is needed to motivate the patient to change health behaviors in an effort to improve their physical condition (Pender, Murdaugh, & Parsons. 2002). The participants (N=83) were patients being discharged from a rural midwestern hospital. Data were collected utilizing The Patient Outcome Questionnaire (Appendix A) to obtain self reported information about perceived level of satisfaction with pain management. Findings indicate a significant relationship between education of the patient regarding participation in pain management and reporting their pain interference with general activity, mood, walking ability, relations with others, sleep, and enjoyment of life. There was no significant correlation between self reported pain management and beliefs regarding pain and demographics.


Dr. Liane Connelly

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Fall 2007

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Thesis - campus only access


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