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Master of Science (MS)


This research study investigated the influence of intercultural interaction to people’s value change. Surveys were administered to Chinese students currently studying in China (N=84) and Chinese international students studying in the United States (N=81), by using Chinese Values Survey (CCC, 1987). The results demonstrated that intercultural interaction could impact the value change of Chinese students, and as predicted, Chinese international students who had intercultural interaction in the United States scored lower than Chinese students in China, which indicated that the importance of some Chinese cultural values decreased for these students as they kept intercultural interaction in the United States. However, this study also demonstrated that although there would be some value changes for Chinese international students in the United States, they still tended to keep some Chinese cultural values in the foreign environment to maintain their cultural identity. Detailed analysis was provided in the study.


Carol Haggard

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Fall 2007

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Thesis - campus only access


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