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Master of Science (MS)


The relation between motivation and recovery from substance abuse was examined, specifically how intrinsic motivation impacts recovery from substance abuse in comparison to extrinsic motivation. Thirty six participants from a drug/alcohol abuse treatment facility were assessed at the commencement of their rehabilitation program with the Reiss Profile of Fundamental Goals and Motivation Sensitivities, and the Treatment Motivation Questionnaire (TMQ) in order to determine the primary motives (intrinsic versus extrinsic) responsible for their decision to seek recovery. They were also administered the Addiction Severity Index (ASI) in order to measure pre and post level of addiction as well as the Reiss Profile to determine whether participants who are strongly motivated - with five or more high scores In their profile - relate with higher rates of recovery. There was no significant difference in the addiction severity levels of intrinsically motivated participants at the end of the rehabilitation program, when compared to extrinsically motivated participants nor in the addiction severity levels of participants with four or less high basic desires, when compared to participants with five or more high basic desires. And whereas there was no significant difference between participants classified as having low scores in “tranquility” and reduction in substance abuse severity, there was a significant difference between participants c1assified as having a low score in “acceptance” and reduction in substance abuse severity.


Carrie Nassif

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Summer 2006

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Thesis - campus only access


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