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Banter and Tollefson (2003) explored what school psychologists felt were acceptable assessment practices when working with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) students. In the current study school psychologists in Kansas were surveyed concerning their current assessment practices for LEP students. A response rate of 42.5% (N=85) was obtained. Only 29% of these school psychologists stated that they received graduate training concerning how to work with LEP students. Even though so few received training, 91% of the school psychologists who had completed LEP assessments considered their assessments to be valid. Also, in the Bainter and Tollefson (2003) study 85% of the surveyed school psychologists felt that using a bilingual school psychologist to conduct LEP assessments was always an acceptable practice. However, in the current study only 37% of the respondents stated that they had access to a bilingual school psychologist, either through their cooperative or through a contract with a nearby district to conduct the LEP assessments.


Heath Marrs

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Summer 2006

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