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Master of Science (MS)


The present study examined the effect of music, specifically listening to songs with lyrics that mention or emphasize attractiveness, on body image. Four scales were used to measure the cognitive (Attention to Body Shape Scale), behavioral (Body Image Avoidance Questionnaire), affective (The Body Esteem Scale), and perceptual (Body Figure Perception Questionnaire) components of body image. Appearance schema level was explored as a possible moderator and mood was explored as a possible mediator. The Appearance Schema Inventory was used to measure schematicity and the Brief Circumplex of Affect Scale was used to measure mood. Sixty-three participants from Fort Hays State University participated in the study (39 women & 24 men). Results revealed that music did not directly affect body image; however, when looking at mood as a mediator, results revealed that music affected mood and mood affected the affective component of body image. Appearance schema level did not appear to moderate the effect of the music. Due to the methodological limitations of this study's design, future research is needed to further explore the extent music media influences body image. Information gained from additional research could assist in managing society's growing problem with body dissatisfaction.


Greg Turek

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Summer 2005

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Thesis - campus only access


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