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Education Specialist (Ed.S)


The primary purpose or the current study was to explore the academic engagement and social functioning that was exhibited by students with learning disabilities (LD) when instructed in the resource room and in regular education with and without the provision of special services. Four male fourth grade students with LD were observed in their naturalistic instructional settings. For comparison purposes two male fourth grade students without an exceptionality were randomly selected from the general education population. Observations were conducted using the Ecobehavioral Assessment Systems Software (EBASS) for recording academic responding (AR) and a manually completed data sheet for coding social interactions. Students were observed for eight days du ring a three week period. Each observation day, the students were observed for 10 minutes in their respective educational settings. Results indicated that academic responding was the highest in resource rooms followed by inclusive and then general education settings. The highest number or social interactions occurred in the resource room. Implications of the current study and recommendations for future research arc discussed.


Steven Duvall

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Summer 2005

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Thesis - campus only access


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