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Education Specialist (Ed.S)


The focus of the current study was to examine the academic responding and the social interactions of students with learning disabilities (LD) in three educational settings: resource room, inclusive classroom, and general education. Two third grade and two fifth grade students with LD were observed. The two 3rd grade students with LD were observed in all three settings, while the two 5th grade students with LD were observed in only two settings, the inclusive and the general education classroom. For comparison purposes, four students without exceptionalities were also observed. Observations were conducted using EBASS, a computerized observational tool. Specifically, student behaviors were targeted and included academic responding, task management, and competing responses. Information was also collected regarding the social interaction of each student. Results of the 3rd graders indicated that instruction in the resource room provided higher levels of academic engagement compared to the inclusive classroom. Inclusion increased academic engagement very little, when compared to the regular classroom instruction. Social interactions varied depending on the student and the setting. For example, the 3rd grade students observed in all three settings generally interacted the most in the resource rooms with adults, but more often with peers in the regular classroom. Furthermore the 3rd graders interacted at levels that were similar to those displayed by regular ed. peers. In contrast, the 5th grade students served only in inclusive settings responded somewhat equally as often in service and non- service settings, but at considerably lower levels than peers. Implications of the current research are discussed as well as recommendations for future research.


Steven Duvall

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Summer 2005

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Thesis - campus only access


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