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Master of Liberal Studies (MLS)


Implementing a new student information system is complicated and costly, whether it is for a large university or a small community college. Computerized student information systems have evolved over time beyond simply record keeping systems into extremely complex enterprise management systems that institutions are dependent upon for their very existence. With ever tightening budgets a reality, higher education institutions are always on the lookout for new ways of stretching dollars. Consolidation of data management systems is an approach some institutions are using for savings on information technology expenditures. While examples of centralized data systems exist elsewhere, in Kansas each public institution is left to find its own way when it comes to implementing this technology. However, one private-school consortium in Kansas has had success in sharing a system among six independent institutions for nearly 40 years. The implication of pooling resources and utilizing a shared administrative system among Kansas community colleges is enormous. The potential annual cost savings are in the millions. The benefit of sharing a standardized system results in reduced strain on IT departments and an aggregation of expertise that increases productivity at all levels. However, the development and implementation of such a system will require overcoming the tremendous resistive forces that have built the current status quo.


Mark Bannister

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Fall 2004

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