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Master of Science (MS)


This particular study has been restricted to certain mammals in western Kansas, including some on which there is little information, and others which observers would be most likely to notice in everyday life. For several years the writer has been vitally interested in the animal life in Kansas. Therefore, when the need for a study of western Kansas mammals was presented to him in the summer of 1936, the problem of this study was selected. It is hoped that this report will suggest to ecologists, historians, and others, further studies, including reasons for the changes here-in shown. What have been the changes in population of certain mammals in western Kansas? Observers have been aware for some time that there have been changes in mammal population in western Kansas. Some animals have increased, while others have decreased, even to extinction in a few cases. There have been many changes over small areas for short periods. However, only the larger and more lasting changes were sought for in this study.


Dr. L.D. Wooster

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Summer 1939

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