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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


My work is based on a number of Post-Modern ideas: simulacra, assimilation, and fragmentation. Through simulacra I try to remove objects one or more steps from their origin to emphasize, minimize, or alter their content and/or context. Assimilated works and concepts may appear in parts or in their entirety. At times these assimilations are altered to such an extent that they appear as original ideas. My use of fragmentation looks at the historical depiction of the human form damaged by time or ignorance, calling into question their heroism. Is Caesar triumphal as a Quadriplegic? Is the Winged Victory victorious when decapitated and limbless? Fragmentation, for me, is also a Post-Modern rejection of the centuries-old status quo of figural representation. I try to express the essence of a figure rather than concentrating on its anatomical correctness; again calling importance to or minimizing the figure’s impact.


Leland W. Powers

Date of Award

Fall 2002

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Thesis - campus only access


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