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Fall 2002

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Master of Science (MS)


Advanced Education Programs


Ronald Fahey


The purpose of this study was to investigate the attitudes of high school students with learning disabilities towards inclusionary services. A descriptive research design, which incorporated a questionnaire, was used in this study. One hundred sixty one students from southwest Kansas high schools in 17 school districts were identified as candidates. Of those identified, 135 students completed the questionnaire. The first section of the questionnaire consisted of demographic information, including age, gender, years in the current district, and grade classification. The content section of the questionnaire used statements in four point Likert form allowing for the demonstration of a level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Statements were categorized into groups by learning environment preference, support, friends, grade, and self-esteem. The results indicated that high school students with learning disabilities are in favor of inclusion based on their perceptions of higher self-esteem and increased social relationships resulting from an inclusive setting. Students' perceptions of appropriate learning environment and academic performance also indicated a positive attitude toward inclusion. It was noted that students felt the least positive toward the area of support indicating they felt they received less support in the regular education classroom.


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