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Summer 2001

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Master of Science (MS)




Kenneth Olson


Research has suggested that children's knowledge and perceptions of health related issues contribute to the efficacy of health care intervention strategies and compliance (Berry et al., 1993; McElreath & Roberts, 1992; Potter & Roberts, 1984; Roberts et al., 1981; Santilli & Roberts, 1993). In addition, research regarding the Children's Health Belief Model (Bush & Ianotti, 1990), as well as logical assumptions, have indicated an influence of the child's primary caretaker in the child's formation of health beliefs. The current study evaluated overall trends in parent’s and children's knowledge and perceptions of Attention-Deficit I Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Thirty-one parent-child dyads (ages 6 to 17 years) completed an ADHD Knowledge and Perception Survey, which yielded findings reflecting a moderate relationship between parents' and children's perceptions of ADHD.


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