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Master of Science (MS)


The current exploratory study empirically examined the relationship between personality as measured by the NEO PI-R and the Reiss Profile, and dimensions of love in 126 participants. These relationships were not previously tested in the literature. Scores form the Reiss Profiles, the Relationship Assessment Scale and two versions of the Triangular Love Scale were obtained from the participants. The love scores were correlated with the other questionnaires. Multiple regression analyses were used to determine the relationship between the love variables and personality traits, relationship satisfaction, and motives. The personality domain of Conscientiousness was found to be significant predictor of love for both males and females. The facet C6: Deliberation was shown to be a significant predictor of love for the female group as well as a significant predictor of relationship satisfaction for the total and female groups. The motive Citizenship was shown to significantly predict passion for the total and male groups, and intimacy and commitment in males. Several other traits and motives were significant predictors of love in only the male or female group individually. Discrepancy score (difference between love felt and received within a relationship) was a significant predictor of relationship satisfaction for all three groups.


Kenneth Olson

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Spring 2000

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Thesis - campus only access


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