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Master of Liberal Studies (MLS)


The relationship between reading and phonological awareness was investigated in two groups of children. Of the 40 children participating in this study, 20 children presented reading deficits and 20 children presented normal reading skills. Six tasks of phonological awareness were administered. (i.e. segmentation, identification, blending, categorization/alliteration, deletion and rhyming) were administered and the correlation or these tasks to reading was determined. The results or this study showed a significant but different relationship between rending and phonological awareness for the two groups However, segmentation and categorization/ alliteration showed a significant correlation with reading for both groups or subjects. In addition, the total phonological awareness score was significantly correlated with reading for both groups. Differences in the relationship among the phonological awareness skills for the two groups was also demonstrated although categorization/alliteration was round to be significantly correlated with identification and segmentation and categorization/alliteration were significantly correlated with the total phonological score for both groups of subjects. The results of this study are compared to other research which has studied the relationship of reading and phonological awareness skills.


Amy Finch

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Summer 1999

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