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Master of Science (MS)


This study investigated the change in eight subjects' reading fluency and reading comprehension prior to and after intervention of the Benchmark Word Identification Program (Gaskins, 1998). The subjects of this study were third and fourth grade special education students who read at least one grade level below that which enrolled. Research has indicated that the Benchmark Word Identification Program (Gaskins, 1998) provides the needed strategies for delayed readers to decode unknown words quickly and accurately. This study utilized a single subject A-B research design to determine differences in reading fluency and reading comprehension The Woodcock Reading Mastery Test Revised (WRMT-R) (Woodcock, 1987) and local curriculum based measurement (CBM) one minute reading fluency probes were used to measure individual student growth during the eight week study. An anecdotal log was also used to chart student attitudes, strengths and concerns during the eight weeks the study was conducted Data from the WRMT- R (Woodcock, 1987) was graphed on bar graphs for comparison of pretest and posttest reading comprehension and total reading cluster grade equivalencies COM data was plotted on a line graph to visually describe changes in words read correctly per minute When interpreting the results of the pretest - posttest data positive growth was documented in seven or the eight students that participated in the study. The results of the CBM data indicated upward trends in the oral reading fluency or all subjects in the study.


Michael Kallam

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Fall 1999

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Thesis - campus only access


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