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Master of Science (MS)


The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA, 1997) states that students with disabilities should be served in the least restrictive environmental possible. This legislation has caused an increased interest in obtaining more information on how to serve children in the most natural environment. The purpose of this study was to examine the perceptions and practices of classroom-based intervention by school speech-language pathologists in Kansas. One hundred twenty-seven questionnaires were sent to speech-language pathologists. Forty-two questionnaires were returned from 34 respondents who indicated they use classroom-based intervention (YES) and eight respondents who do not use classroom-based intervention (NO). The respondents who have used classroom-based intervention (YES) indicated that they perceive it to be appropriately used in serving students with language disorders, but not with those with articulation/phonology, voice, or fluency disorders. The YES respondents indicated that they would like to continue using classroom-based intervention while the NO respondents indicated that they would like to begin using it as a service delivery model. One-teach, one-drift was the model selected most often to provide classroom-based intervention by the YES respondents. The YES respondents listed the attitude and time of the classroom teacher to be key factors in providing successful classroom-based intervention. They also indicated that the classroom teacher and lack of planning time are factors limiting the effectiveness of classroom-based intervention. This study revealed a positive trend in the perceptions and practices of classroom-based intervention across the state of Kansas.


Marcia L. Bannister

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Spring 1999

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