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Music has been seen as having significant effects on many areas of human activity. Very recent research into the effects of music on cognitive and spatial -temporal abilities prompted an attempted duplication of a study that claimed significant effects of music on spatial-temporal ability (Rauscher, Shaw, & Ky, 1993). During the attempted duplication, a near significant effect of music on analogical task performance was noted (Ward & Salo, 1995). As a result of the near significant effect, this study was designed to test the hypotheses that subjects exposed to vocal music would show a significantly greater increase in ability to perform language analogical tasks than would subjects exposed to instrumental music, silence, or a mathematics task, and that gender differences would emerge in changes in ability to perform the language analogical task. Subjects were exposed to either instrumental or vocal selections of the same pieces of music, with control groups exposed to silence, or asked to perform a mathematics task. The present study found no differences in ability to perform language analogical tasks due to exposure to music, nor did any difference between genders exist in reaction to music exposure.


Robert Markley

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Summer 1998

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