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Thesis - campus only access

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Fall 1998

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Master of Science (MS)




Thomas T. Jackson


Need for cognition and hardiness are two widely studied variables that have not been studied together, even though evidence exists that they share a common base. Using the five-factor model of personality (as defined by Costa & McCrae, 1992) as a backdrop, need for cognition and hardiness were compared and were predicted to positively correlate because of their negative correlations with neuroticism (Funk, 1992; Sadowski & Cogburn, 1997). The short version of the Need for Cognition Scale (Cacioppo, Petty, & Kao, 1984) and the Cognitive Hardiness Scale (Nowack, 1996) were used with 103 subjects recruited primarily from summer courses. The results supported the hypothesis (r = .2572. p = .009). A post hoc analysis did not support the idea that hardiness had three separate components; this result was in agreement with other research.


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