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Master of Science (MS)


A logical analysis and review of the literature of the Revised NEO Personality Inventory (NEO PI-R) resulted in 15 conceptually-derived configurations of NEO facets (Olson, 1997). The development of NEO PI-R configurations (higher-order combinations of facets) would enhance the interpretation of normal personality on this widely used test. The current study empirically tested the validity of these 15 configurations. Scores from the NEO PI-R Form S and two measures of the facet configurations, a Self-Rating Questionnaire (SRQ) and an Other-Rating Questionnaire (ORQ) were obtained from participants. The NEO PI-R configuration scores were correlated with the questionnaire ratings. Multiple regression techniques were used to determine the relationship between the NEO PI-R facet scores and the con figuration scores. Fourteen of the fifteen facet configurations were significantly associated with self-rating data. Seven of the fifteen facet configurations were significantly associated with other-rating data. The discrepancy between self- and other-rating results, revised and alternative facet configurations, and possible future research avenues were discussed.


Kenneth Olson

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Fall 1998

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