Master's Theses

Date of Award

Summer 1997

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Communication Studies


Carolyn Sue Strohkirch


This paper identified what socialization messages teen magazine editors were sending within teen magazine feature articles to their target market (adolescent girls). The number of column Inches devoted to the themes of Looks, Male/Female Relationships, Celebrity Information, Self-Development, and Miscellaneous were identified. It was determined that YM's editors filled column inches as follows' 36% Male/Female Relationships, 31% Celebrity Information, 23% Self-Development. 5% Miscellaneous, and 4% Looks. 'Teen Magazine's editors filled their column Inches as follows: 49% Self-Development. 18% Celebrity Feature, 15% Male/Female Relationships, 9% Miscellaneous, and 8% Looks. Seventeen's editors filled their column inches as follows: 39% Self-Development. 27% Male/Female Relationships, 15% Celebrity Feature, 12% Miscellaneous, and 7% Looks. It was also learned that YM contained stereotypical messages In terms of male/female relationships. 'Teen and Seventeen appeared to contain less stereotypical messages and contained features which encouraged self-development in girls.


Copyright 1997 Debra Werth


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