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From the 1991 American Psychological Association (APA) National Conference on Enhancing the Quality of Undergraduate Education in Psychology evolved specific recommendations, Quality Principles For undergraduate psychology departments (McGovern & Reich, 1996). Fort Hays State University has never conducted a self-study of its undergraduate psychology program. Also, the Quality Principles have never been empirically tested. This study surveyed a sample of alumni of the undergraduate psychology department at Fort Hays State University. The questionnaire addressed the three following questions: (A) Alignment with Quality Principles: To what degree is the FHSU program in psychology related to the recommendations of the APA as outlined in the Principles for Quality Undergraduate Psychology Programs derived from the St. Mary's Conference? (B) Importance of Quality Principles: To what degree are the Principles for Quality Undergraduate Psychology Programs important to the alumni of FHSU? (C) Alumni satisfaction: To what degree do the alumni of the FHSU undergraduate psychology program regard their education as an antecedent to success? Over 65% of alumni responded positively to all three of these questions.


Amy Claxton

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Summer 1997

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Thesis - campus only access


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