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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Beauty abounds in Nature; A clear night sky, cloud formations, flowing water, growing plants, and fossils embedded in stone. Any aspect of Nature that captures my attention and invites a closer work is inspirational to me. I attempt to observe as a child might, with the excitement of discovery and a sense of wonder. I am an explorer of what is right before my eyes. There are subtleties and details in Nature that are noticeable only after careful scrutiny. I select aspects of what I observe, and then incorporate them into my art. My curiosity has led me to view large and distant astronomical phenomena through telescopes, and fine organic structures visible only with a scanning electron microscope. I have walked in woods and prairie meadows, hiked in the mountains, and even braved all the dangers an active imagination can create in order to scuba dive among the reefs.


Linda Gangstrom

Date of Award

Fall 1997

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Thesis - campus only access


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