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Master of Science (MS)


The purpose of the researcher was to investigate a Reading Recovery program. The independent variables were: participation status, gender, ethnicity, and number of sessions. The dependent variables were: Writing Vocabulary and Dictation. A total of 70 first grade students were studied. The treatment group consisted of 31 students. Of that group, 18 were male and 13 were female. Nineteen were Caucasian, 6 were Hispanic, and 6 were from other ethnicities (Vietnamese and Afro-American). The control group consisted of 39 students, 13 of which were male and 26 were female. Thirty-one students in the control group were Caucasian and 8 were Hispanic. Four composite null hypotheses were tested employing single-factor analysis of covariance. Each hypothesis was tested at the .05 level of significance. A total of 8 comparisons were made employing a single-factor analysis of covariance. Of the 8 comparisons made, 1 was statistically significant al the .05 level. The statistically significant comparison was for the independent variable participation status and the dependent variable Writing Vocabulary. Results of the present study indicated first grade students who pal1ici pated in the Reading Recovery program had a statistically higher mean Writing Vocabulary score than those who did not participate. The Reading Recovery program appeared to be effective for Writing Vocabulary. The mathematical assumption of homogeneity of regression was met for 6 of the 8 comparisons. The assumption was not met for the comparisons gender and Writing Vocabulary and ethnicity and Writing Vocabulary. The results of the present study appeared to support the following generalizations: 1. first grade students who participate in Reading Recovery have higher achievement in Writing Vocabulary than those who do not participate, 2. first grade students who participate and those who do not participate in Reading Recovery have equal achievement in Dictation, 3. males and females who participate in Reading Recovery do equally well, 4. first grade students with different ethnicities who participate in Reading Recovery do equally well, and 5. first grade students who participate in Reading Recovery for varying numbers of sessions do equally well.


Bill Daley

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Summer 1996

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