Master's Theses

Date of Award

Fall 1996

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




Robert Markley


Eight subjects completed a Role Constellation Repertory Grid Test, and participated in a laddering interview in an attempt to elicit core self constructs. To validate that core constructs were elicited, an emotional Stroop task was designed for each subject, in which core terms were imbedded in color patches, with the task being to name the color. Neutral adjectives and nouns, both matched for frequency found in the language, were used as controls. Contrary to expectations, core terms were not generally slower than neutral terms in the Stroop task. This study was unable to confirm that core self constructs were found using the emotional Stroop. A recent review of emotional Stroop studies (Williams, et. al., 1996), indicates that variables not considered in this research, "current concern," "self-awareness," and/or "focused attention" may play a role in response latencies, despite coreness of constructs.


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