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Communication Studies

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Master of Science (MS)


Religious leaders have seen the value of learning to communicate to specific audiences. They have attempted to gear traditional messages to contemporary formats using various communication techniques and language. Evangelical Christians are struggling to break down traditional walls that have separated them from other groups while retaining their original message. It is clear that language is dynamic and that what is true for the moment is often colored by semantic differences. The purpose of this thesis was to identify the perceptual and interpretive use of language by evangelical Christians. Individual perceptions, levels of abstraction, and adherence to a religious faith add to the complex workings of basic communication. This research found that there are perceptual, interpretive, and usage differences between evangelical Christians and other groups. There was a similarity of response among evangelical Christians. A need for further study of different words, additional usage, and other denominations and faith exists.


Willis M. Watt

Date of Award

Summer 1996

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Thesis - campus only access


Copryight 1996 Andrew Addis


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