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Fort Hays State University has never conducted a consumer-oriented self-study of its graduate program in school psychology, but such a study was completed that assessed the clinical program. This study closely followed the method Joseph Guydish used to assess the clinical program in 1982. The following study attempted to contact all graduates receiving an Ed.S. degree in school psychology since the degree was reinstated in the late 1980s. The graduates' initial employers were also contacted, as it was believed these two populations could provide the best consumer-oriented information. These two populations were asked to complete questionnaires that addressed the three following hypotheses: (a) Adequate Training: Is Fort Hays State University adequately preparing its graduates? (b) Rural Employment: Are the majority of Fort Hays State University graduates seeking jobs in a rural setting? (c) Professional Development: Do program graduates continue to develop professionally by seeking advanced degrees, certification, publication, and membership in professional organizations? Of the three primary hypotheses, the graduates confirmed hypotheses Band C, but did not confirm hypothesis A. Only hypothesis A related to employer input, and they confirmed the hypothesis.


Thomas T. Jackson

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Summer 1995

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