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Master of Science (MS)


A total of 4,297 fishes were collected in three depositional and two erosional habitats of the Missouri River near Atchison, Kansas, from May of 1993 through March of 1994. Relative abundance, spatial and temporal distribution, species diversity, and catch-per-unit-of-effort of fishes were assessed. Sixty-four bighead carp were collected. There are no published reports of this exotic species from the Missouri River. Also, three blue suckers, uncommon in Kansas, were collected. The most abundant species collected were gizzard shad, goldeye, common carp, channel catfish, and freshwater drum. / Some species were abundant in both depositional and erosional habitats, but others preferred one or the other. At all sites, fish communities were similar within each season, but changed between seasons. Diversity generally was greater at depositional sites, presumably because variations in depth current velocity, substrate, and shoreline structure provided more habitat types. Hoop-netting and electrofishing was most effective at high river stages.


Thomas L. Wenke

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Spring 1995

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Thesis - campus only access


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